Born & raised in the MIA. Big lover of my puppy named Chai, yoga (especially shavasana), whales, aliens & last but not least, all things tech.

I went to American University for three years pursuing a degree in Business Management. My fourth year I decided to transfer to the University of Miami because I love Miami way too much.

Upon graduation, I moved to Barcelona to complete the Ironhack Web Development in August of 2016. Absolutely love to code & definitely want to continue pursuing my career in that field.

Now, I am completing the Ironhack UX/UI Course in Miami in order to build more tech skills & have a well-balanced understanding of both the “developer world” and the “designer world”.

Looking forward to continue to be a part of this Miami tech ecosystem that is currently growing at an amazing rate. Thank you for visiting my site & checking out my work! Hope you loooove it ♥