Yo Miley, What’s Good?

These graphics were created in a class I took at American University for Graphic Design. My favorite part of this class was truly learning how to draw on Illustrator. I traced the photograph of miley cyrus, scanned it, and then with the pencil tool I re-created her on Illustrator…a lot of patience! Although it was tedious, it was really fun to see this graphic image of Miley come to life. The other project was to create an image based on a song. My song choice was Corona & Lime by Shwayze, which has a fun, beachy vibe to it so I decided to use some vibrant colors and…well, corona & lime!

Pop Art Miley Cyrus Graphic  | Made with Illustrator
Inspired by Corona & Lime by Shwayze | Made with Illustrator

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