Designing my first mock app with Sketch

This is my first time creating a mock app with Sketch and I’m very impressed with how easy this program is, especially for beginners! Below is a brief summary of my experience…

Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 2.00.44 PM.png

This exercise is part of my pre work for my upcoming course at Ironhack for UX & UI. They gave me the above image of an app interface and I had to create my own rendition of it.

The purpose of this exercise is to practice my visual design skills along with getting used to Sketch & all it’s many tools. I really appreciate how Sketch has created artboards that help save designers a lot of time, such as the iPhone 7 template & iPad templates.

After creating the first few boxes for Name, Email, Password, and Sign Up buttons, I realized that my layers panel was clogging up and really needed to be more organized. Ironhack has repeatedly informed me about the importance of grouping and naming my layers, which I definitely see now is SO important. After every object I created, I made sure to give it a proper name and sometimes I’d group it with other objects if need be.

Again, I love the way that Sketch has made everything so easy! I love that I can click R and my mouse is ready to create a Rectangle. Once I got into the flow of using these shortcuts, creating objects was a breeze. Growing up, I always was very interested in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. I was on my high school yearbook staff, where I learned how to use all those programs all too well for a 17 year old girl. Therefore, I can see how Sketch has taken a lot of great features found on those Adobe programs and has created a really fun & easy program.

My favorite part of this entire project was having to analyze the location pin drop shape and come up with a way to create it using boolean. It’s cool that I just had to combine a circle and a triangle to get the shape because it breaks it down into the most simple shapes & makes you realize, “Hey, I can create anything!” In an earlier assignment given to me by Ironhack as well, I had to create a rocket out of simple circles, triangles, and squares. I loved the way it makes you think creatively & create a graphic out of shapes like a puzzle.

Slice 1

Last but not least, the Gaussian blur is just absolutely amazing. It really makes the app! It gives it such a unique and impressive look letting your mock app have depth, color, complexity, while still letting the important objects stand out to the user.

Sketch is a really great program & I’m excited to keep learning more!


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